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    Have you always dreamt of flying on a helicopter in Los Angeles? Now your dreams can easily come true! Los Angeles Helicopter Charters provides all kinds of helicopter services from sightseeing helicopter tours of California to executive charter flights in Los Angeles; all at a reasonable cost!

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    Los Angeles, CA has many beautiful places to see. Viewing these sights from the sky in a clear and sunny day is an unforgettable experience! Trust Los Angeles Helicopter Charters to handle your helicopter tours, executive helicopter charters, and aerial photography needs in the Los Angeles area!

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    Planning a business trip or late for important meeting somewhere within the city limits? Heavy traffic on roads and freeways during rush-time may become an obstacle for that and time is money. Try the skies instead! With executive charter flights from Los Angeles Helicopter Charters you can be anywhere at anytime. Quick, flexible, smooth and entertaining helicopter transfers guaranteed.

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    Learn more about the fun of air travel with Los Angeles Helicopter Charters. Reasonable pricing for flights, pick-up and transfers to and from helipad, experienced and skillful pilots for safety assurance – this is what Los Angeles Helicopter Charters is all about. Sounds cool enough? Keep on reading about service you are interested in or give us a call for more information.

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters Leads the Helicopter Industry

with unmatched customer service to guarantee we are your #1 pick for helicopter services in Los Angeles, CA!

Welcome to Los Angeles Helicopter Charters

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters provides our clients with excellent planning and organization for any type of helicopter tours and rides you might need. We are open seven days a week, from Monday through Sunday and our services can be requested from very early morning to late at night, thus allowing you to schedule your tour or charter around the time that bests suits your needs. Moreover, we have a wide number of affiliates throughout the nation who provide helicopters and tours so our reach is far beyond Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters offers a wide range of services, from helicopter tours and rides to carrying and lifting heavy equipment, aerial photography, and gift certificates that have an expiration date of two years from date of purchase. Our call center and customer service is highly qualified and trained to provide our clientele with all they needs. We can have your flight and every other detail arranged within two hours from booking.

Call Los Angeles Helicopter Charters at 1-323-210-3054 Today!

Why choose us?

Los Angeles Helicopter Services

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters is here to provide you with any type of service you need: helicopter tours, aerial photography, heavy lifting, courier service, executive charters and even with gift certificates that are valid for up to 2 years. Moreover, we provide you with all the necessary equipment and requirements for any helicopter job in the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters

The customer service staff at Los Angeles Helicopter Charters is very friendly and always ready to receive your call and get your details. We provide an almost 24/7 service as we are open from Monday through Sunday, from early morning until late at night, Eastern Standard Time. We will be able to put everything together within two hours from you booking our services, therefore allowing you to save time and get to your destination as quickly as possible.

California Network

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters has an extensive and reliable business relationship with a large number of affiliates throughout the nation. Therefore, we are able to provide our services in any city you live in and at the location of your choice.

We do all the work!

We organize everything. All our client has to do is to contact us and leave us as many details as possible on the type of service he or she needs and requires and we will take care of everything else. In fact, we do the planning for you, starting from providing you with transportation to and from the airport and we will also have limousine options available. Then, we assure you the utmost comfort on your helicopter ride. If you are a celebrity, or a VIP, Los Angeles Helicopter Charters can also make sure your privacy is safe and protected thanks to our personalized and custom tailored packages and offers.

Los Angeles Helicopter Charters Creates Smiles!

  • Los Angeles Helicopter Charters
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